Ink on wood and Lea Salonga

I feel like an inky illustration machine at the moment.  There never seems to be any end to the work needing doing and yet I’m steadily filling up my desk with finished pieces of work… I think perhaps I’ve found myself a never ending gobstopper of assignments… or just left things a little late.

Also had my first experience with ink on wood which was fun and fascinating and terrifying – some forms of spontaneity you can do without and ink leaking up the wood fibres was most definitely one of them.  I thought it suited the editorial piece of Lea Salonga – possibly the most talented woman ever (which is not hyperbolic in the least, I saw her recently in Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival and her voice is so beautiful) – that I was completing as an independent project.  Quite happy with it too 🙂

And now, back to painting pigeons 🙂



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